All About The Time Flies


Here's where to see The Time Flies!

North Country Fair - June 22-24

The North Country Fair

Millwoods Canada Day - July 1, 5:00 pm

Millwoods Canada Day Celebration

Sasquatch Gathering '007 - July 27-29

The Time Flies Musical Troupe

Sasquatch Gathering 2007 - Brass Monkey Productions

Public Library-Jasper Place - Summer Reading Program Event - August 7, 2:15 pm

Dawn Bissett of The Time Flies

Summer Reading Program Event

Artists on Rails - August 9, 10, 11

VIA Rail Edmonton to Jasper Aug 9 Sawridge Hotel Aug 9 & 10, VIA Rail Jasper to Edmonton Aug 11

Dawn Bissett of The Time Flies

Artists On Rails

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The Time Flies Musical Troupe 2007
The Time Fliography
The Time Flies Christmas Show
Promotional Photo - Lady Bug Singers
Promotional Photo - Lobbyists

The Time Flies Musical Troupe
Original Music for Children and Families

The Time Flies when you're having fun!

The Time Flies take you on a magical journey as they perform their original music with energy and light-hearted antics that leave the whole family feeling good! Combining musical creativity, theatrics, dance, educational topics, and audience participation, the Time Flies' songs and unique personalities inspire you and your inner (and outer!) child to sing, dance, laugh and enjoy a whole lot of FUN!

The Time Flies Musical Troupe

Is a 5-piece band featuring: ìA trio of Lady Bug-Singersî backed by Drum Kit, Electric Bass, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, 12-String Guitar, juggling balls, umbrellas, an Irish dancer, a gymnast, any number of insects and more!

It's NOT JUST a BAND The Time Flies LOVE to laugh & have fun! They adore making music, play-acting, dancing, and wearing silly hats. ANDÖ

The Time Flies promote positive self esteem, sing about safe play, using your imagination, and what its like to be a Bug! Really!! Bright-coloured costumes, fun stage props, song-related skits, energetic dancing and lots of laughs complete their light-hearted and lively show. Mom & Dad will enjoy Musical references to contemporary songs, and current affairs.

The Time Flies Musical Troupe has appeared at Music Festivals, civic functions and corporate, private, public and community events.

ìThe Pink Floyd of Children's Music" ìInteresting and enlightened.
-North Country Fair

Powerful vocals pack a really solid punch"
-Sasquatch Celebration

ìI would recommend your group to perform at any children's eventÖdefinitelyÖthe success of the day.î
-Okotoks Youth Festival

The Time Flies' musical borders are boundless, their vision is endless, and their personal safety is IMPECCABLE! THEY know the Pool Rules!

The Time Flies demo CD "Can You Imagine That?" was recorded through a grant awarded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts in the children's music category. A music video created in the Spring of 2004 is also available. The Time Flies are currently creating their full-length debut album.

You'll laugh, you'll sing, you'll have MORE FUN THAN, well, EVER!! A variety of prices and packages are available. How can The Time Flies fit your budget? We'd love to hear from you!

The Time Flies Musical Troupe
P.O. Box 60033 UofA, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2S4
(780) 438-2212